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theta healing
theta healing

Alyce Marie has successfully registered the phrase, Change is One Belief Away®. Alyce chose this phrase after witnessing people's courage in moving forward with their lives because they were willing to change one belief. Change the one belief that is blocking you from peace, freedom or abundance in any area of your life.

Alyce connects with clients and students as an ordained Minister of Spiritual Peace, utilizing ThetaHealing®, the Oneness Blessing™, Reiki, guided meditation and 15+ years hands-on healing experience. Alyce acts as a guide to the individual and group, opening them to experience their own pure joy.

Alyce works with individuals and groups through her connection and devotion to the Divine. Her inspiration to facilitate sessions and classes is based on her true desire that all beings experience the freedom of daily joy. Alyce works from a space of confidence and love. Her classes and sessions are an alternative approach to holistic well being. Sessions with Alyce do not replace medical care, but they can play part in a wonderful outcome.
Alyce conducts private sessions over the phone by appointment only. Alyce will work with each client based on their individual needs. For private sessions, please contact Alyce.

Become a certified ThetaHealing® Practitioner ~ join an existing class or host your own group. Become a certified Oneness Blessing (Deeksha) Giver without making the trip to India. Everyone is welcome to submit prayer requests for the Oneness Blessing circle.

In addition to her certification courses, Alyce teaches many fun, hands-on classes including: Angel Ceremony, Chakra Blossoms™, Journey into the Crystal, and Intro to ThetaHealing®. Classes can be tailored for your group.

Alyce facilitates a sacred space where the individual feels safe, whether in private session or participating in group events. Private sessions and group events are expansive avenues to holistic well-being, peace of mind and joy.

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Inspired in Alyce Marie's imagination. Given form by Bob Payne's experience. By God's Grace.
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